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Seth Woodworth seth at isforinsects.com
Mon Feb 4 04:14:35 EST 2008

> I haven't used InDesign, but in my many years using FrameMaker I
> considered it fairly beta the whole time. Basic design errors, memory
> leaks, missing functions, display bugs,...

Yes, Adobe's previous product PageMaker/FrameMaker was very beta as well.  I
have a pretty soft spot in my heart for it's fellow users :)

> We may need to send a few volunteers to clean up Scribus, then. Has
> anybody on the devel list looked at what needs to be done for Scribus?
> They could start exploring here.
> http://bugs.scribus.net/roadmap_page.php
> Maybe we should start a Wiki page for Free Software projects that are
> needed for laptop work, even if they won't go on the laptops.

That's not a bad idea.  We have only X number of programmers coming into the
project, if we can't get them to work on one of our projects *directly*
perhaps they could work on related projects?  I'm trying to make the wiki a
little more usable for people looking for jobs, and I'll keep this in mind.

> We need a project page for each activity, each document set, and much
> of the basic hardware and software development, and we need to prod
> people to sign up there. Then we have to create pages to index it all,
> or at least make sure that category markers are applied consistently.
This is what I've done for the [[Health]] projects, and I'm working on
expanding into other projects as well.  (we ought to talk about VistA soon

I am concerned with how we are using signup lists on the wiki however.  No
one ever seems to *do* anything with them.  I haven't really seen anyone go
back into a /People list and contact the new recruits.  It makes much more
sense for them to hit the mailing lists or contact someone directly.  I
think that every page/project needs to have a volunteer coordinator.  Just
someone who can farm work out to more people, and has a basic to middling
understanding of the components of the project and can connect people to
those who know more.

That in fact should be it's own thread come to think of it.
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