New joyride build 2605

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Dec 24 03:48:33 EST 2008

>>> +sugar-base 0.83.2-2.olpc4
>> Good to see this up-leveled -- the previous version of this package
>> as distributed in Joyride was more than a month old.
>> However, that still leaves several packages which appear to be more
>> recent in 'olpc3' than in 'olpc4'.  Output of 'yum check-update' :
>> | pyabiword.i386                           0.6.1-4.olpc3
>> | python-telepathy.noarch                  0.15.3-1.olpc3
>> | sugar-journal.noarch                     100-1.olpc3
>> | xorg-x11-drv-evdev.i386                  2.0.8-1.fc9
> I can comment on a couple of these, but I'm not sure how to fix them:
> * pyabiword is newer in olpc3 than fc10, but the spec files are
> basically the same - the olpc3 one seems to have had a no-change
> rebuild which bumped the version number higher than the fc10 version.
> There's no olpc4 version as we do not need to fork from the F-10
> version - so we should get the fc10 version into joyride.
> * python-telepathy has the same version 0.15.3-1 in fc10 and olpc3. We
> should also be using the fc10 version here as we have rebased on F-10
> and olpc3 was built on F-9. There's no need for an olpc4 fork of the
> package as we are using the same version as Fedora.
> * sugar-journal is no longer a separate package in Sugar 0.83, so
> there should not be a sugar-journal included in Joyride at all. The
> sugar package includes the journal functionality now.

Basically I think these just need to be untagged in koji. I can look
at doing these in a couple of days when I get a proper internet
connection back.


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