XO deployment count?

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Mon Dec 15 19:08:34 EST 2008

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 1:30 PM,  <david at lang.hm> wrote:
>> In countries all over the world, XOs are *actually arriving in
>> children's hands*.
>> --scott
>> [*] "roughly" means there are lots of minor details I'm omitting; Peru
> rough numbers are good enough for answering critics who claim that OLPC
> is a failure, the only thing is that if different people give vastly
> different numbers we end up looking like idiots.
> the deployments page mentioned above is not linked to from the main page
> of the wiki (this is one of my gripes about most wikis, they end up having
> lots of information in them, but the linking structure is frequently so
> bad that you would never know it, which leads to multiple pages being
> maintained by different people, with conflicting information)
> if you could pass this along to the folks on the business side. they need
> to realize that we are part of their sales/marketing force.

You certainly are.

The main page is editable by anyone with a user account; I encourage
anyone with ideas about what should go there to add specific
suggestions to the talk page, or to update directly if the change is
obvious.  Most other pages, if you see that they aren't linking to the
most current version of a relevant page, be bold and fix them.


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