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S Page skierpage at
Mon Dec 8 06:56:45 EST 2008

Daniel Drake wrote:
> is out of date.  Some
> activities, e.g. Record and Read, need new versions listed which are
> not backwards compatible with 8.2.

>  The current listed versions are
> included because of Joyride including Activities/G1G1 which includes
> Activities/Record-G1G1, but if I were to modify that then
> Activities/G1G1/8.2 would be modified too, causing broken upgrades for
> 8.2 users.

Working with dsd and bert I changed Activities to transclude 
Activities/Record_(8.2) instead of Activities/Record-G1G1.  That allowed 
them to update the latter as dsd says.  They requested I also made the 
change for several other activities that have forked from 8.2: Browse, 
Chat, Etoys, Read.

I think the page needs the 
same fix -- it should not be loading "Browse (latest)".

I don't understand why all activities on the 8.2 page aren't set this 
way.  They should not pull in the latest version, they should pull in 
the (8.2) version.  But a lot of the (8.2) fragments are out of date, 
they don't list the latest version that works on 8.2.0.

Also, I'm not sure what the point of the -G1G1 files are.  Currently, 
Activities/G1G1 transcludes Activities/Record-G1G1 , which redirects to 
Activities/Record_(latest).  But there is no "G1G1" version of any 
activity, there are simply pages for each activity group that pull in 
either the version that works in 8.2 or the latest version.  Why mention 

Rather than explain it here, it should be somewhere on the wiki, 
referred to by

I also rewrote the explanation in , statements like "They 
are part of the G1G1 activity pack are simply incorrect.
(Is there a new [[G1G1 activity pack]]?)

=S Page

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