Fedora 10 on XO

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Thu Dec 4 23:19:20 EST 2008

On Thu, 4 Dec 2008, Chris Ball wrote:

> Hi,
>   > is xfce the right choice?  i know it's "easy", but we should be
>   > sure it's correct.  (i've been using it on my own xo, in a
>   > relatively unsophisticated way, but in the end that only makes it
>   > feel like an unsophisticated interface, so i may not be the best
>   > judge.  :-)
> I agree that the choice is yet to be made and isn't totally obvious.
> I prefer using GNOME, but our current answer for "How much disk space
> does it require to run Fedora 10 and GNOME and apps?" is "a 4GB SD card
> and 256M of swap", so it seems hard to get there from here.  Maybe we
> can run GNOME and some tiny set of apps without blowing the NAND budget,
> though..

debxo manages to fit a gnome build in a small enough space to fit on the 

a listing of a recent released build (the jffs images, since I think that 
will be the best match)

[ ]	awesome.dat	18-Nov-2008 02:41 	334M
[ ]	awesome.img	18-Nov-2008 02:40 	224K
[ ]	base.dat	18-Nov-2008 02:55 	157M
[ ]	base.img	18-Nov-2008 02:55 	105K
[ ]	gnome.dat	18-Nov-2008 03:24 	436M
[ ]	gnome.img	18-Nov-2008 03:23 	293K
[ ]	kde.dat	18-Nov-2008 03:58 	536M
[ ]	kde.img	18-Nov-2008 03:57 	360K
[ ]	lxde.dat	18-Nov-2008 04:20 	220M
[ ]	lxde.img	18-Nov-2008 04:20 	147K
[ ]	sugar.dat	18-Nov-2008 10:14 	357M
[ ]	sugar.img	18-Nov-2008 10:13 	239K

I haven't done much with the gnome build (other than boot it a few times), 
but I've messed with the kde build more and there is definantly room to 
slim it down further.

and I hate to say it, but even gnome and kde result is a more responsive 
machine than sugar.

David Lang

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