xo activity idea

Yifan yifan.sun at students.olin.edu
Wed Dec 3 09:58:34 EST 2008

Hi all,

I had an idea for an activity, something like a write activity with a
constantly updating spell checker that displayed spelling suggestions as you
typed (similar to NJStar Word Processor for typing in Asian languages,
except for English). I found a free wordlist (STG wordlist) so I think it's
pretty doable, and I think it would be pretty helpful for english learners.

Some questions I had concerning this:

1) How do I apply for an activity proposal? I'm having a hard time finding
the link to the format.
2) Has this already been done for the xo?
3) Would this be something that could be integrated with "Write", or should
this be a seperate activity?


Yifan (a n00b programmer)
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