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Tue Dec 2 20:17:18 EST 2008

On Dec 2, 2008, at 6:52 PM, Richard A. Smith wrote:

> If a thousand people do paper who is going to manually type in each  
> of the key requests?

I thought that was your job.....

The primary intent is to make developer keys available to users.  This  
is simply the same (rarely-used) process we advertise today at 

If you do not have internet access at all

This is very much not recommended, and extraordinarily rare, as most  
development work is done via email, chat, forums, and other internet- 
based communication mediums. However, if you must get a developer key  
and do not have access to the internet at all, you can submit a  
written request via snail mail to:

One Laptop per Child
P.O. Box 425087
Cambridge, MA 02142

Your key will be mailed back to you.

We are obligated to provide access to developer keys to children who  
have XO laptops but do not have Internet access.  We do have such a  
mechanism in place, but at the moment someone receiving an XO without  
Internet access can't get the information shown above.  Presumably  
only those people without access would want to do such a thing.

	- Ed
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