Scratch fails to write to Scratch.activity/Projects

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Wed Aug 27 12:06:56 EDT 2008

On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 8:40 PM, John Maloney <jmaloney at> wrote:
> What's wrong with just making the directory Scratch.activity/Projects
> writable by the world?

It's not officially supported.  Other than being a way for activities
to leak data past Bitfrost protections, in a future release (hopefully
the next one) the .xo will be directly mounted read-only, not actually
unpacked.  There is a supported directory for local data:

> I'm currently in the process of getting Scratch 1.3 out the door. When the
> dust settles from that I will see what I can do about making Scratch work
> better on the XO. But I don't think I want to add journal support even if is
> easy because I'd like to keep the same version of Scratch across all
> platforms, and Scratch was designed to be file-based.

I hope to make it easier to use the standard file-based mechanisms to
access the journal; again in a future release.  Ideally it will be as
simple as writing your files to ~/Journal, and perhaps providing a
simple metadata-extraction tool for indexing, where appropriate.

> Feel free to re-package the current Scratch activity installer to include
> your patch, if you think that makes sense.

Done; Scratch-6.xo is now at and linked from  I've also fixed the version
number in the file -- Scratch-5 claimed that it was
version 2, which confused the activity updater.

There have been a number of people interested in helping sugarize
Scratch; when you're done with Scratch 1.3 post again to
devel at and we'll round up some helpers.

[erik: I've fixed some bugs in the earlier Scratch-6.xo I sent you:
the early version of the wrapper script would only work the first time
you ran it; second and later invocations would fail.  It's worth
checking your Peru bundle, and probably resyncing.]

 ( )

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