[sugar] is there something that eats develop.sig ?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Aug 23 00:01:21 EDT 2008

>>Is there any documentation about when develop.sig would be erased ?
> Because our NAND is unpartitioned, reflashing the NAND means that you
> lose _all_ data stored on NAND. To avoid this problem in the future,
> either keep your developer key on a USB stick or type 'disable-security'
> at the OFW "ok" prompt.

I see that I was not clear enough in describing the situation.

  1)  The "customization" USB stick that I was plugging into the XO 
did __NOT__ have any .img file (nor fs.zip file) on it -- meaning 
that even when this stick was recognized by OFW, no reflashing of 
the NAND was being requested.  [The stick only contained .xo files 
in directory 'bundles' - I was trying to install some activities.]

  2)  Between the time when the XO was able to boot an unsigned 
build, and when it was no longer able to do so (due to develop.sig 
having been somehow erased), __NO__ reflashing the NAND occurred. 
[Flashing usually has some output to the screen - there was none.]

  3)  What started my muddle was that OFW did not *recognize* the 
USB stick (until much later, once the system was rebuilt, when I 
tried unplugging the external keyboard from the XO).  OFW would not 
boot the "customization" stick - it jingled and let me invoke the 
'ok' prompt (where commands I entered told me there was no u: device).

  4)  When, to recover from the muddle, I *did* reflash the NAND 
(with the four-button press) it was with a completely different 
"secured upgrade" USB stick which contained an image of a signed build.

Bottom line:  In this instance it was not a reflash of the NAND that 
erased the develop.sig from the /security directory.


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