New Test firmware

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Tue Aug 19 22:39:39 EDT 2008

Richard Smith wrote:

> I have a new test firmware up for all you brave firmware testers.  
> Last time I didn't give it enough soak time before rolling a q2e13 and 
> had to brown bag it.  So I'd appreciate testing across a bunch of 
> different builds.

Andres found a problem with the above firmware, such that it won't boot 
the OS in unsecure mode with some versions of olpc.fth .

The problem is in the OFW bits (my bailiwick) instead of in Richard's EC 

I have build a new test version that includes the EC bits from Richard's 
test version above, along with a fix for the boot problem:

Please test with q2e13d.rom instead of q20158.rom ; otherwise you are 
likely to experience problems.

Richard - svn head has the OFW fix.  My tests of your new EC bits have 
succeeded.  I have an installation where the touchpad fails with e13 and 
works with e13d .

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