localization of translation efforts in perú

Erik Garrison erik at laptop.org
Fri Aug 22 13:45:21 EDT 2008


Here at the Ministry of Education in Lima there is a person on staff
whose sole work is translation.  I want to explain to them how they can
go about producing translations for the activity set which is in the
customization key which Ciro and I are building here.  What is the most
sensible advice I can give them.

Obviously we can create and/or modify the po/*.po files in each activity
bundle manually, but perhaps there is a more sensible method of going
about this work?  I would just create projects for each activity on our
Pootle server, but I don't believe I have permissions to do so, and
would prefer that the staff here learns how to manage this issue on
their own.

The most pressing issue here is that a lot of the activities they have
chosen are named in English in the home view!  What is the most
efficient way to rectify this issue?  Is it best to drop po*/ files into
the activity directories?  I would like to find a quick solution as they
are currently at the point of installing the activity pack on a lot of


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