customization key + system modifications

Erik Garrison erik at
Thu Aug 21 13:23:06 EDT 2008

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 12:40:33PM -0400, Chris Ball wrote:
> Hi Erik,
>    > Currently there is no method to set items settable via
>    > sugar-control panel using the customization key, or to run a script
>    > of some kind at customization-key unpacking time?  It might be very
>    > useful if not yet exists.
>    > There are security issues which could be considered quite grave.
>    > But if we can get around them we could achieve a big win for
>    > deployments wishing to manage various software changes on a
>    > deployment-by-deployment basis.
> There are some things (timezone, I think?) that are set in s-c-p and
> require more access to the filesystem that we want to give, but the
> majority of the s-c-p settings happen in the profile, which lives in
> /home/olpc.  We can/should create a customization point for the profile;
> I'd like this too, so that a deployment can decide whether to have power
> management on or off by default via customization.
> Please file a bug.  Thanks,

I have:


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