Wellington smoketest notes - joyride-2270

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 00:08:53 EDT 2008

On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 2:39 PM, Martin Langhoff
<martin.langhoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> We are actually still going through a few more tests.

Switched from mesh to a standard 802.11g NAT'ted network (via a
Macbook sharing its Internet) and followed up with network tests.

- Tested ogg download and play with Browse. Works great and does
pretty pictures. The images are a bit jerky, but nice.

- Tested watching videos at http://olpc.dailymotion.com - seems to
work, though zooming in the video while it loads caused an error
(possibly an error of the gnash-based viewer, not of gnash or Browse).

- Sugar: in the activities List View, the time column does not display
"last used" (perhaps it displays install time?), and the counter does
not match number of times used, nor number of documents (what does it

- Wikislice-animals-en-1.xol downloads and works correctly. It seems
to open many Browse instances.

- The Biology Phyla PDF worked great - though bug #6166 is still
there. Learned about odd animals we would not want to eat.

- Closing webbrowser, Chat.xo and PDF reader all give an odd "Keep
error: all changes will be lost"

- Started Record and started recording a video - it said "1 minute 58s
remaining". While recording, the 'remaining' counter dropped steadily
(as expected). When it got to 18s remaining, the UI froze. Clicking
around made it snap out of it, and it saved the file. This does not
repro consistently.

- The screen rotate button is fixed. We were trying to avoid hitting
it, and a little girl came up and pressed it before we could stop it.
Seems to work reliably.

- Record saved images in the Journal open as a file:// URL in Browse (!?)

- Filling up on the disk  -- log of one test using the journal,
copying large files from usb drives. XO behaves mostly normal (with
Browse and chat) up to 10M free (df -f says 11M free). At that point:
   - Attempts to copy more files appear to succed, but don't copy
anything (does drag-n-drop copy hide disk full errors?).
   - Opening Write fails with no msg
   - Opening Record fails with no msg
   - Shutdown/restart via menu in home view fails
   - Poweroff via power button
   - On restart, the boot is very slow, stopping 30s with the "JFFS2
notice (295) check_node_data: wrong data CRC in data node at <addr>:
read <addr>, calculated <addr>" msgs. Sugar comes up correctly, and
tough I have not seen any msgs, there are 12M free. /etc/fstab still
contains an entry for a usb drive that was unplugged while powered
   - As olpc user, cp -r Activities makefull - fills it up to only
9.9M free, and "no space left on device" errors.
   - Hard reboot
   - Sugar starts up correctly, df -h reports 9.7M free, Journal in
home view reports 9MB free (though they are only writable by root).
   - Opening/closing Browse works
   - Opening/closing Write works
   - Deleting several large files (300MB OS images) from Journal
works, but ties up the machine for ~30s, pdflush is pegging the cpu.

So I think Sugar now behaves quite reasonably on disk full, modulo
some details as per above. Two notes:
 - did not see any on-screen warnings
 - '9MB free' is misleading. Sugar/journal should read the 'free for
non-root-users' value (F_BAVAIL) from statvfs instead of F_BFREE so
users see a "0MB free".


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