New wireless/mesh icon info testers needed (#2866, #6995)

Ton van Overbeek tvoverbeek at
Tue Aug 12 08:55:03 EDT 2008

Martin Dengler wrote:
> Thanks very much!  If you have any comments on how I could have made
> it easier for you to test (was using git more onerous than the
> traditional "here's a patch, cd /to/here ; patch -px < mypatch.txt"
> approach?) I'd love to hear how to do that.  As I work with my git
> clone "sewn" into the deployed directories like my instructions did, I
> find it more convenient to git-pull than apply patches, but of course
> I'd prefer to do whatever gets me the most testers  :) .
As James Cameron already wrote, I had to 'yum install git' to be able to 
do the git-clone.
This also pulled in perl for a total of > 15 MB. No problem for me since 
I was at home
with a high speed internet connection.
I was going to suggest to just tar up the modified directories and then 
use a script similar
to what you provided  for the git case in order to make it easier for 
3rd party testers,
but James beat me to it.


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