Read 48 and PDF

Gary C Martin gary at
Thu Aug 7 13:49:18 EDT 2008

Hi Jacob,

On 7 Aug 2008, at 17:45, Jacob Haddon wrote:

> As an FYI, i updated to 2258 and the result is the same. I even  
> tested the PDF found on the wiki just to ensure the various PDF's I  
> had weren't bad.
> Same behavior, selecting the PDF will open Read, but it will show  
> 0/0 pages. behavior described in the following ticket which is shown  
> as closed:
> Am I the only one experiencing this? if so, it may be left over from  
> some previous build. I am planning to do a clean install once i can  
> find an empty usb drive...
> If needed I can (after getting an account) post comments on the  
> above ticket.

Same here (joyride-2258):

1. download a pdf to the journal using Browse-94
2. visit the Journal and use the mouse over palette to "start" the pdf
3. Read-48 launches
4. Read displays 0/0 and no document (a mainly grey screen)***

***Random OT suggestion; now that all activities show a launchable  
icon somewhere (no hidden activities any more), perhaps Read should  
invoke the journal object picker if no document is indirectly provided.


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