Martin's new assistant

Douglas Bagnall douglas at
Tue Aug 5 19:37:17 EDT 2008


I will be working with Martin Langhoff for a couple of months, with
the hope of giving XS development a boost.

At present I am really just familiarising myself with the system, but
we aim to clean up that bug tracker and have a considerably more
useful school server.

My background is in software art, with a bit of filmmaking, web
development, and general programming.  Some of my projects are
described on  The art background is perhaps more
relevant than it might seem: it is hard to imagine an environment with
worse connectivity and less IT expertise than a typical New Zealand
art gallery.  Designing and deploying tolerably cheap and fail-safe
systems has been a large part of my work.

Anyway, I'm glad to helping the OLPC project.


Douglas Bagnall

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