New joyride build 2261

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Wed Aug 6 15:26:37 EDT 2008

Changes in build 2261 from build: 2260

Size delta: 0.00M

-gdb 6.8-12.fc9
+gdb 6.8-17.fc9
-acl 2.2.47-1.fc9
+acl 2.2.47-2.fc9
-coreutils 6.10-28.fc9
+coreutils 6.10-30.fc9
-libacl 2.2.47-1.fc9
+libacl 2.2.47-2.fc9
-libxslt 1.1.24-1.fc9
+libxslt 1.1.24-2.fc9
-openldap 2.4.8-6.fc9
+openldap 2.4.10-1.fc9
-speex 1.2-0.7.beta3
+speex 1.2-0.10.rc1.fc9
-xapian-bindings-python 1.0.7-1.fc9
+xapian-bindings-python 1.0.7-2.fc9

--- Changes for gdb 6.8-17.fc9 from 6.8-12.fc9 ---
  + Fix `errno' printing on nonthreaded non-g3 inferiors (TLS minsym is absolute).
  + Remove the `original-location' patch as it has testsuite regressions.
  + Fix register assignments with no GDB stack frames, Denys Vlasenko (BZ 436037).
  + Backpoint `original-location' for multi-PC breakpoints (for Nemiver).
  + Include _default_patch_fuzz for builds on F-10.
  + Fix powerpc recent secure PLTs handling (shared library calls) (BZ 452960).
  + Fix the testsuite .spec runner to run biarch also on ppc.
  + Reenable testcases threadcrash.exp, chng-syms.exp, checkpoint.exp (BZ 207002).

--- Changes for acl 2.2.47-2.fc9 from 2.2.47-1.fc9 ---
  + improved params patch to make get/setfacl honor the same cmdline
  + rework params patch to apply with fuzz=0 (tcallawa at
  + fix license tag (tcallawa at
  + Resolves: #457244

--- Changes for coreutils 6.10-30.fc9 from 6.10-28.fc9 ---
  + removed CAPABILITY color from DIR_COLORS
  + disabled last patch ls-libcap which broke tcsh (#457342)

--- Changes for libxslt 1.1.24-2.fc9 from 1.1.24-1.fc9 ---
  + CVE-2008-2935 fix

--- Changes for openldap 2.4.10-1.fc9 from 2.4.8-6.fc9 ---
  + bump to ver. 2.4.10 to fix #455357 and #455073
  + use new upgrade scripts from rawhide

--- Changes for speex 1.2-0.10.rc1.fc9 from 1.2-0.7.beta3 ---
  + update to 1.2rc1
  + move manual.pdf to -devel
  + polishing review (many thanks to Matthias Saou)
  + 226428 review

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