Geode screen scaling

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at
Tue Apr 29 20:19:24 EDT 2008

On 30/04/08 01:21 +0200, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> Jordan asserted on irc that all that was needed to enable lower resolutions 
> than 1200x900 on the XO was to add an appropriate mode line, all the 
> support should be in the X server.
> Now, I made an xorg.conf with an 800x600 mode, but when starting X, all I 
> get is a white-ish screen (with some grey-ish shadows running downwards). 
> Does that mean the DCON does not like the timing? Other ideas? Has this 
> been tested at all?

Not on the OLPC - you are first out of the chute (congratulations).
I think the problem is that we're not using the correct timings for the
panel. I'm going to have to think about the right way to handle that
for "custom" panels like the one we have. 


Jordan Crouse
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