15 computer science collegians looking for a project

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Tue Apr 29 09:42:34 EDT 2008

>> Okay, it seems that I extrapolated my attempt to the current situation.
>>  ~9 months ago I have applied for a physical machine (or for a login to a
>>  physical machine) since the databook missed a lot of information
>>  regarding assembly instruction scheduling on the Geode. I was told to
>>  look up the information in the databook...
> I wonder whether that is one of the reference manuals that I worked on
> at National Semiconductor in 2000, before they sold the Geode line to
> AMD. I mostly remember long tables of register bit functions and the
> occasional timing diagram. Naturally, they never let me near a chip.
Now that is funny. The Geode databook is so bad that I took the time and 
looked for the MediaGX databook and found it in some cache (maybe Google 
cache?). That contains more information that Geode's one. So my 
conspiracy theory is that some marketing manager went through the 
databook when AMD acquired Cyrix/National Semiconductor and deleted 
every piece of information which would suggest that the processor is 
slow. Of course, I do not believe in this theory. Okay, sometimes seems 
to be true. But it is too stupid. Hmmm... :)

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