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Tue Apr 29 06:55:33 EDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 10:38 AM, Patrick Jahenr
<patrick.jahner at stud.fh-swf.de> wrote:
> Hi there,
>  We are a group of 15 collegians, studying 'Applied Computer Science'
>  at the University of Applied Sciences in Iserlohn (Germany) and we


>  are looking for a project for the OLPC within the scope of our subject
>  "Computer-Networks". Our professor (Prof. Martin Hühne) let us choose
>  our own topic, leading us directly to our first problem: What can
>  we do?
>  We have to find a project fitting to this demand. We read the wiki
>  and realised, that most of our ideas we thought we could implement
>  are either finished software projects or simply not good enough to
>  keep on thinking about them, because they do not fit to the OLPC-
>  ideas. The wiki pages for Project ideas are nice, but you do not
>  know exactly whether there is already someone working on one of the
>  projects, or not. The Pages for Current Projects are quite nice too,
>  but there you do not know if the people working on it actually do
>  need help.
>  That is why we post this little request to the readers of this mailing
>  list.
>  We are looking for either a project we can take part on, or a not-
>  yet-implemented idea. It should not bee too big for us in order to
>  be finished within time; it should not be too small to have something
>  to do for 15 students. (Anyway, don't forget we need to sleep)
>  It would be nice, but not all necessary if the project could involve
>  some of the networking technologies of the XO, I mean, the subject
>  is "Computer-Networks"

Rob Savoye (copied on this message) would probably like to talk with
you about extending Gnash to much greater Flash compatibility.
Nicholas Negroponte has recently complained about this lack. This
project is important to OLPC and to the world at large.

There is certainly work to do on collaboration, journal sharing, and
other networking topics, but you will have to talk to the people
involved to see whether the work would suit your group. There are
still issues with the networking hardware and software, as well.

We still need people to replace the Marvell microkernel, the last
piece of non-Free software on the XO other than on-chip ROMs.

>  Furthermore, there is a time limit: We will have to end the project
>  until end of June, whereas there will be the same subject for another
>  group of students after our free period, which will have the same,
>  or a similar task. Probably, they will go on, on our project, if
>  its not finished.
>  Our Knowledge Base:
>  We have good basic knowledge in C/C++, Java, some basic knowledge
>  in scripting languages (Perl, PHP and bash) and some of us have good
>  knowledge of Linux. A further subject called "Software-Engineering"
>  came along with us for one and a half year.
>  We started reading and working in Python and GTK, and saw, we can
>  cope that.
>  We are open for all your suggestions, you can email me directly if
>  you have a project we can take part on, but you could also just answer
>  here, if you have a good idea which of the project ideas we could
>  implement.
>  Thank you in advance,
>  Patrick
>  P.S. Please forgive me my English skills

Mich auch, auf Deutsch.
Edward Cherlin
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