freezing DCON for insecure boot

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Fri Apr 18 14:49:02 EDT 2008

Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> Hello Mitch & Scott,
> I have a laptop with a developer key, running an unsigned
> image with a few customizations for Turkey.
> They want a pretty custom logo and I succeeded in getting it to
> work in insecure mode, but it looks ugly because they see the
> kernel barfing diag messages on the console for a few seconds
> before the bootanim kicks in.
> Is there some forth-fu I could use to fix it?  A modified olpc.fth
> file would be best for me as I don't have much confidence with
> forth and much time to implement and test it myself.

The Forth command  "dcon-freeze" will freeze the screen immediately.

The Forth command "freeze" will cause the "dcon-freeze" command to be 
executed at the next transition to a booted program.

Either can be executed from inside olpc.fth

The reason for the "freeze" command is so that screen animations showing 
the progress of bootloading sub-steps can be seen, but then the Linux 
black-screen text messages will be hidden.

> Thanks.

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