fun and games with trying to un-suspend

Martin Dengler martin at
Tue Apr 15 02:55:17 EDT 2008

I've had these symptoms often over the course of the last two months,
with various update.1 / joyride builds.  The issue seems a lot more
often / prevelant when I had an SD card inserted before suspending.

Nothing I could reproduce easily, thus no trac.


On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 10:24:35PM -0400, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
> G1G1, approximately Joyride 1858.  No wireless.
> Have done 'touch /etc/ohm/inhibit-idle-suspend'
> When I pushed the "power" button briefly, the XO suspended.
> Wanted to "un-suspend" the XO.  But no matter what I pushed on the 
> keyboard (or front), the "power" LED lighted up briefly (about three 
> seconds), then went back to indicating 'suspended' (i.e., blinking 
> slowly).  The display stayed dark.
> Finally was able to get the display to light up (and the XO to come 
> back to life) by judicious pressing of the "power" button.  It was 
> hit or miss (with more than 95% "miss").  Press it too short - back 
> to suspended;  press it too long - back to suspended;  press it at 
> the wrong instant - back to suspended.
> Took what seemed a minute (from awakening) for the XO to recognize 
> my (external) USB keyboard again.
> The whole experience was a bummer.
> mikus
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