networking scenarios

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at
Fri Apr 11 19:13:23 EDT 2008

This is something which was not completely clear to me until I talked to Wad
about it the other day, and I think other people might find it useful. It
should probably go on the wiki (assuming it isn't already there somewhere). I'd
like some feedback about where it belongs. The closest thing I've found is this

Any errors are my own.

There are four networking scenarios:

 - simple mesh
   - no access point
   - no school server
   - we are currently aiming to support up to 15 laptops in this case
 - simple WiFi
   - access points
     - which tend not to handle multicast very well (1Mbit/s peak)
   - no school server
   - this is what G1G1 laptops will tend to encounter
   - typically in the developed world
 - school mesh
   - no access point
   - school server with Jabber server
 - school WiFi
   - access points
   - school server with Jabber server
     - only one server at a time
   - this is what is deployed in Peru

Our current priority in terms of collaboration is to improve supprt for the
fourth case, as this is the situation most of our existing laptops are
deployed in, and it's likely that upcoming deployments will be similar. Our
secondary priority is improving support for the second case, as this is what
will tend happen when laptops are taken home from school.


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