XENified images for XO

Charles Merriam charles.merriam at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 15:51:53 EDT 2008

There's been some talk about building for multiple platforms:

Aside from the XO-1 hardware, various other builds with advocates
include Linux builds:
   Ubuntu (widely used for Actitivies development),
   Fedora 7 jh-build variant (widely used for OS and systems development),
   Gentoo, Cebian, and other Linuv variants, advocated by adherents to
those operating systems.
and also virtualization builds:
   VMware - which has free (gratis) server software for a variety of
platforms.  VMware players have had commercial success and the players
tend to be stable.
   Q/Emu - An open source emulator.  Used a lot.
   I suppose XEN could be added to the list.

There is a debate going on about the build and release cycle:

It's currently bogged down in the minimum buy-in for time based
releases (years in the release name).


On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 12:16 PM, Marcus Leech <mleech at nortel.com> wrote:
> Has anyone done any work on building XENified images for XO?
>  I'm interested in this for building a large-scale virtualized XO
>  environment for testing purposes.
>  The other option is to run the XO image in "HVM" mode, but that limits
>  which processors
>   I can use to host such a thing.
>  Cheers
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