Build Debate: Followup on Build Naming

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Mon Apr 7 23:53:21 EDT 2008

On Monday 07 April 2008, Michael Stone wrote:
> cjb, cscott, and I just chatted about build names. We have absolutely no
> problem announcing official-703 (when candidate-703 becomes official)
> under whatever name seems good but we have no consensus about what that
> name should be. cscott proposes '8.1' on the basis that it will be our
> first 2008 release. mstone thought we should bake a month into the name
> (perhaps 2008.04 or April-2008). Scott strongly preferred to avoid
> baking a month designator into the name because, as best I understand,
> he thinks we cannot afford to ship another release until we've made
> 'enough' improvement in at least one of our (approximately) four
> networking scenarios.

I honestly think we should call it OLPC 2  which matches the cvs/build tag and 
signifies release number 2 

OLPC 1 being ship.2 

then we just increment the number for each stable release.  we have a 
development codename of joyride.  we can create a name for each release.


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