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On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 5:13 AM, Greg Smith (gregmsmi)
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> Hi Janine,
>  Coming at your question from the user requirements side, I have one
>  request from the deployment in Uruguay.
>  They want to make it easier for kids to blog.

And people like me want to have easier ways to hear from teachers,
students, anybody involved with XOs in target countries. I need to be
able to feed this kind of information to PTAs and politicians, and we
all need it in order to know which way to move OLPC next.

>  Description of the requirement is at:
>  Click on the link called:
>  Requiremientos Para XO
>  It has surprisingly broad implications which may require new code on XO,
>  XS or the Internet.
>  I'm putting together a team to address that requirement. I want to make
>  anything we develop available to all XO deployments. I also want to stay
>  in touch with Uruguay to gather more requests from them. I think we can
>  develop a mutually beneficial dialogue where developers learn from the
>  users and vice versa.
>  We'd love to have your support!  If you are interested, send me an
>  e-mail or join the list I setup on Google at:
>  The success of the whole organization is more important than any one
>  project so you should give extra weight to responses from OLPC employees
>  (I'm a volunteer).
>  For example, below is a request for help from the server list. It has a
>  few specific suggestions you may want to consider.
>  Thanks,
>  Greg S
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>  From: "Martin Langhoff" <martin.langhoff at>
>  Subject: [Server-devel] The road towards xs-0.3
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>  Hi all,
>  I am just settling down in my temporary "office" in Buenos Aires.
>  Before leaving Cambridge, I cranked out some a private test build of the
>  XS fixing #6678. Tomorrow I will finish setting up my portable build
>  machine to crank out a few more with related fixes. Is anyone else
>  (other than Wad I guess) actively working on XS-related bugs, are there
>  any patches or easy fixes that I could trivially include in the
>  0.3 release? Any bugs that you have seen or not reported?
>  *Now* is the time to file those unfiled bugs, vote for the unvoted bugs;
>  show your love for XS and show your patch ;-)
>  Where/how to do this? 3 Easy steps:
>  1 - Familiarise yourself with the xs-0.3 goals and general roadmap here:
>  2 - Have a read of the currently open bugs, have a look at the ones
>  listed for xs-0.3 - if you have patches you know what to do with them!
>  group=milestone&component=school+server&order=priority&col=id&col=summar
>  y&col=status&col=type&col=priority
>  3 - Help triage the bugs! What is bug triage? Read this article - and
>  Eric Sink's one too!
>  cheers,
>  martin
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