SDL FAQ, XO Frame Buffer and SVGALIB

James Cameron quozl at
Wed Sep 26 05:38:27 EDT 2007

On Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 02:20:11AM -0700, big one wrote:
> > No dependency between SDL and SVGALIB
> Perhaps during compile time of SDL library, the svgalib is not
> detected or "--with-svgalib" option is not used during "./configure"
> process. 

Yes, of course.  My response was about the Debian packaging of SDL.  The
Debian maintainer has dutifully chosen to build SDL with X.

> Is it possible to use SDL with Frame buffer inside XO laptops without
> svgalib?  (ie: fbcon, directfb)

Probably, but this is not an interesting problem.  SDL works fine on XO
with X-Windows.  X-Windows will always be running on the OLPC software
builds.  I see no benefit in turning it off.

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