Alternative neighborhood in mesh networks

Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos ypod at
Wed Oct 10 15:59:04 EDT 2007

Hi Cris,

No it does not rely on any subsystems of the firmware or sugar (other 
than getting the XO's color settings). :-)


Chris Ball wrote:
> Polychronis,
>    > Announcing "Space", an activity that displays an alternative mesh
>    > network neighborhood that offers a sense of space by placing you in
>    > the center and everyone else in the mesh network at a distance
>    > proportional to link quality between you and the node that is being
>    > displayed.
>    >
> Wow, this looks great.  Does it rely on the mesh beacons from each
> laptop, though?  I think we're about to turn those off -- see:
> - Chris.

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