Broken build 613-20071004_0142 ?

Albert Cahalan acahalan at
Sun Oct 7 13:27:43 EDT 2007

Michael Vorburger writes:

> FYI, solved!  The loop of attempting to start X/Sugar, then aborting,
> then re-starting, over and over, was apparently caused because I
> didn't have networking set-up correctly in qemu (start-up parameter
> missing; Wiki instructions inconsistent! Just fixed.). With that
> corrected, things seems to work.
> Question: Should a bug in Trac be raised (e.g. "Sugar/X start-up
> screwed if no network" ?) or is this not worth pursuing, as you can be
> SURE that eth0 will be up with a valid IP during startup??

I hit this bug on an XO with a USB-to-Ethernet device and DHCP.
Please add your comments to my bug and up the priority.

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