Patent infringement lawsuit against OLPC in Nigeria

Jeff Keller jeff.keller at
Wed Nov 28 18:33:50 EST 2007

On 11/27/07, elw at <elw at> wrote:
> I imagine that if the XO is in violation, a lot of other products
> (hardware and software) are also in violation.  Shift keys are modifiers,
> yes - they help you make Big Letters.  The case sounds fairly ridiculous;
> folks've had some form of AltGr, or Meta, or Mode key since... vt100
> terminals?  A blasted long time.

I haven't looked followed the links (the whole thing sounds frivolous
to me, and not about technology), but for prior art one could do worse
than the Space Cadet keyboard, used with Lisp Machines at least as
early as 1980:

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