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Wed May 16 17:06:10 EDT 2007

Dev team,
As followup from last night's meeting, to help direct the next two release
milestones (B4 and Trial-2), I have updated the 'Roadmap' on the front page
of Trac. Please look this over (I copied it here so you can just scroll
down), and don't hesitate to make comments. The bugs will be sorted into
these release bins according to this high level description.  We may further
break Trial-2 into Alpha, Beta, Ship...

B4 milestone says:

"This build, scheduled for Mid June, is the final chance to fix hardware and
mechanical problems that were detected in the Beta Test 3 build of the XO.
2000 units will be built and will go to trials in multiple countries.

Note that the B4 firmware will be finalized and delivered separately from
the Trial2 sugar code. The focus for B4 is middleware, power management,
first school server build, and bug fixes.


   - FC7, python 2.5
   - Power management (eBook mode, USB power mgmt, suspend button,
   tinderbox updates)
   - Low level security features (kernal and firmware)
   - First school server build
   - School Server support for activation, registration

Also during the B4 assembly, Ivan will do an onsite audit/discussion of the
mfg process for security"


The Trial-2 milestone says:

"Trial-2 is defined as the sugar code release needed by the time B4 units
get to the country trials. Below is a list of features from the highest
priority to lowest, with the expectation that we will cut off the Trial-2
feature list about one week before each of the major milestones, alpha (late
june), beta (late july) and final release, which will be in September.

Prioritized feature list:

   - Security, vserver code and integration
   - Support for backup/restore with School Server
   - Mfg Tracking Server
   - Power management daemons
   - Manual updates, don't loose user data
   - Journal
   - Chat or video chat
   - Collaboration support for Browser, Abiword, Camera
   - Security UI exposed
   - Power management, Sugar UI
   - Network code updates
   - Collaboration support for other activites, games
   - Video conference
   - VoIP

Details can be found in trac items or design specs. Activites that are
shipping can be found on the 'Activites' page of the wiki: "

Go to the source:



On 5/16/07, Mitch Bradley <wmb at> wrote:
> System Software Telecon, 2007-05-15
> Attendance: Mitch, J5, Blizzard, Kim, cjb, Bernardo, Jim, Bryan, Luna,
> Vance, Richard,
> Ronak, Wad
> New action items:
> AI: Jim and Chris to check with Jonathan Blandford about Richard Hughes
> availability
> B4 schedule.
>   Target dates:
>    5/28          Verify boot2 code
>    6/03*      Nominations for new activities due
>    6/08*      OFW build due at Quanta
>    6/08*      All software packages due; bug fixes only after this date by
>               approval only
>    6/08-6/15* Integration and test of system image.
>    6/12       B4 SMT prebuild
>    6/15*      B4 NAND image due at Quanta
>    6/19       B4 Assembly (qty 2000)
> So we have 3 weeks before freeze
> Status
> cjb:
>    - don't have kernel resume working on LX yet
>    - don't have DCON source mode working
>    Bernardo can help.
>    We need a power management daemon soon.  The volunteer is not doing it.
> David Woodhouse to be in Boston starting Sunday
> Ebook mode is working, but we need to clean it up after the weekend hack
> attack
> Hopefully we can integrate it by the end of the week
> Richard:
>   Tinderbox 2 is up and running.  Needs a little work on some power rails.
>   Running an extended suspend test.  Want to predict lifetime in ebook
>   mode - hoping for 20 hours.
>   Immediate priority is EC wakeup via keystrokes.
>   Working with David Lin to fold new SCI-related changes into EC build.
>   We will do a new firmware releasse, but will not try to funnel it
>   to Quanta for B3.
> Blizzard:
>   Want to isolate power management milestone from UI milestone
>     + Power management needed for B4
>   Need to specify sugar milestones for the end of June time frame
>     + basic journal that works with some app
>     + collaboration that works with a chat client
>     + rudimentary peer-to-peer
>   When will we switch to FC7?  It might be about a week of work,
>   but J5's job will get a lot easier afterwards.  The biggest
>   problem will probably be Python 2.5.  Suggest middle of June
>   for cutover.  FC7 goes gold at end of May.
>   Update system.  We don't have anybody to work on it now.
>   It is about two months or work, more or less.
> Wad
>   School server initial feature set
>     + network stability
>     + tunnel out for monitoring
>     + backup
>     - No special security for B4
> J5:
>   It is do-able to separate the UI part of the build from the base system
>   It is a manual process right now.  We want to automate it, but that
>   won't happen by the end of the week.
>   We are going to have a repository for activities that won't be in the
>   default build.
> Jim:
>   We may need to push some B4 bugs out to Trial2.
>   We need to start thinking about implementing security
>   Machines are locking up at 40 C.  We need to find out if it is OOM or
>   thermal shutdown or something else.
> Mitch:
>   LX firmware is pretty much done, so can resume whatever he was
>   working on before the LX cutover changed the game.
>   Supporting B3 build.
>   Short term: Fixing OFW JFFS2 driver memory utilization - pathological
>   1G NAND filesystems take 111MB of RAM, need to reduce that.
>   Long-term: Wireless install - What is the time frame?
>   Long-term: Security
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