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Rob Savoye rob at welcomehome.org
Sun May 13 19:07:57 EDT 2007

David Leeming PFnet wrote:

> I am still a bit new to this, can you let me know how to access and install
> downloads? I tried downloading Adobe Flash for instance. It appears on the
> left vertical bar of the Gui frame but nothing happens when I try to select
> it. I assume it is downloed into the file system, but where, and then how to
> install it? Sorry if some of what I am asking is standard Linux beginner

  I don't know about Adobe Flash, I was talking about GNU Flash. You
should be able to install it from the root terminal window on the olpc.
(Ctrl-Alt->F1). Then do a "yum install gnash gnash-plugin" which should
do the trick. That build may not have the video support enabled as that
requires ffmpeg. I'd have to check, as I primarily work with my own
builds as a Gnash developer.

  The easy way to install the Adobe one is probably to extract the flash
plugin .so file from the downloaded package, and copy it to
/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins on the X0.

	- rob -

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