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Rob Savoye rob at welcomehome.org
Sun May 13 09:31:18 EDT 2007

David Leeming PFnet wrote:

> Anyway, the UNESCO "CD" home pages, etc,play fine but the eLearning objects
> don't - has anyone tried this?  I assume that the Flash, Java etc need to be
> installed. For example, if I try an object that I know to be an swf file,

  Try installing Gnash to play Flash movies. If a particular movie fails
to play, please file a bug report at:
http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?group=gnash and we'll get on it. For
video, you may need to use my builds of Gnash
(http://www.gnashdev.org/olpc) that have ffmpeg included, which you need
for video codecs.

> - Can we expect multimedia to work? YouTube? National Geographic animations
> etc?

  YouTube does work with Gnash, but I've only been getting about 2-3fps
so far. Embedded video plays much faster without all the network
latency. It seems though that many of the people using the X0 won't be
on a dedicated network connection, so I'm not sure if this is a problem.
Most education Flash movies I see with video are using video embedded in
the Flash movie.

  We added a switch so Gnash will download the entire movie and then
play it back locally, which works much better than streaming on the X0.
But I'll be honest, the X0 is a bit underpowered to really handle
multimedia very well, since it has no graphics acceleration support.

	- rob -

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