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David Leeming PFnet leeming at pipolfastaem.gov.sb
Sun May 13 06:00:45 EDT 2007

UNESCO Bangkok have produced a nice CD of eLearning resources for schools.
It is in the form of 250MB of Flash, Java, Authorware, Quick-time and
PowerPoint based files bundled together within an html framework.
I thought this would be a good way to put our single B2 (build 406) through
it's paces. It took me quite a while to figure out how to access a USB drive
- I do hope that it will roll out with hot plug and play.
Anyway, the UNESCO "CD" home pages, etc,play fine but the eLearning objects
don't - has anyone tried this?  I assume that the Flash, Java etc need to be
installed. For example, if I try an object that I know to be an swf file,
Reader opens but stays blank. If I try a learning object that I know to be a
PowerPoint slide show, nothing happens but I can see it appear in the left
part of the frame in the same way as downloads (which I also do not know how
to progress further). 
If someone has tried this before it will save us a lot of time! Seems quite
a standard sort of expectation (downloading, running eLearning objects....)
Youtube and video 
What performance targets are being aimed for?  Do we have any benchmarks or
standards that tell us what the XO will eventually be able to do? 
Other problems:
- We have a wireless subscriber gateway in our office, I use to connect the
B2 to it. Now it doesn't appear on the network neighborhood screen anymore -
but I can see other access points and connect to them. The gateway is
working fine. Our hotspot just doesn't appear anymore on the XO. Maybe it's
the hotespot that is rejecting the XO. ??
- Can we expect multimedia to work? YouTube? National Geographic animations
- I managed use a USB hard drive for a while but suddenly it can't be
mounted anymore and I am stuck: 
wrong fs type, bad option, dab superblock on  /dev/sda1, 
I am obviously not up to speed with Linux command language etc  
David Leeming 

 <http://www.schoolnet.net.sb> www.schoolnet.net.sb
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