Teleconference information for software status meeting (today, 21:00 EDT Boston)

Jim Gettys jg at
Mon May 7 15:26:58 EDT 2007

Note we're doing a call tonight!!!  This is so that we have a last check
before Quanta starts the B3 build process later this week.

OLPC software teleconference.   Note also the action item list below. 

Please go through trac and comment/close bugs that are done. Update our
blocker and high priority bugs even if the status is "no progress this
week". You can easily use the query page in trac to see what open issues
you have.  The following is a useful URL for helping look at BTest-3
bugs in trac. 

If you can't attend and your topic is below, please update us on status.
(hint, hint, dwmw2).

Please send any agenda items.

  From  the United States: 866-213-2185 
  From Outside the United States:  1-609-454-9914

access code: 8069698 

problems? Call customer care 
800-526-2655 or 205-206-2301


Hit list for LX/B3 build
System build for B3 build
Firmware for the B3 build (OFW, Marvell, Boot2).
What should be targets for next stable build?
School server status
Power management measurement tinderbox

  * Getting the server ready for trial
        server - wad
                Backup needed for laptops to servers urgently
  * Power management

New action items:

AI: Barry to supply startup sound to Mitch  ??
AI: jg to enter trac ticket to add hw cursor support (done)
AI: jg to enter trac ticket about wireless activity LED (done)
AI: jg to look at fuzzy rotated image (done)
AI: jg to order 2x of the Lumistar 1G cards (done)
AI: richard to investigate wireless LED after battery-low shutdown
AI: cjb to test that audio works on first power-up with fresh image.
AI: dilinger - fix "reboot" command (done)

Old action items:
AI: Dan - make a wiki page describing manual/fallback wireless
configuration procedure.
AI: Wad - wiki-link the doc for the libertas driver ioctl
AI: wmb - study what is necessary to bring back touchpad after resume

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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