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The Register is wrong, as many journalists writing about Windows on XO.
This is what actually Negroponte said about this:

Interviewer 2: You mentioned Windows. You said that these would works with
Windows. What version, and have any of the countries you have spoken with
expressed any interest in using the $3 Windows, or not using your software?

Negroponte: Nobody this week, for example, has raised it.

Interviewer 2: And which Windows program would it work with?

Negroponte: I think we haven't gone that far.

Interviewer 2: It's just because it's

Negroponte: answer your question when you asked which Windows was the
$3 version.

Interviewer 2: But I mean you said this will work with Windows.

Negroponte: This will run Windows, yes, they have these machines.

Interviewer 2: Who has these machines?

Negroponte: Microsoft. We send them to Microsoft for them to put Windows on.

Interviewer 2: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

Negroponte: Their developers. When they come off the assembly line we send
some directly.

Interviewee 2: Microsoft asks: "would you send us some machines so we can
put Windows on them?" We obliged and they put Windows on them.

Interviewer 2: But you don't know what version of Windows?

Negroponte: But it doesn't require

Interviewer 2: But you don't know if it's a commercially viable version of
Windows. You don't know what they're doing with it or if there's a version
of Windows that they could actually sell.

Interviewer 3: But you're saying it doesn't require the plug-in ESD card

Negroponte: It will not. It did until the current version.   

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> Even if they use LinuxBIOS I don't think they will produce 
> anything ready to be shipped with linuxBIOS and ported for 
> different architectures. So I guess I still have a lot of 
> work for GSoC :).
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> 	from what I understand they try to get MS into the 
> boat. For cost
> 	reasons LinuxBIOS will still be choice #1. --Q
> 	Myles Watson schrieb:
> 	> The Register is reporting that OLPC is going to 
> produce a version that boots 
> 	> windows.  Does anyone know how they are planning to 
> do it?  Are they still
> 	> going to use LinuxBIOS? Will it affect the Google 
> Summer of Code project?

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