Network association algorithm

Michail Bletsas mbletsas at
Wed May 2 08:09:32 EDT 2007

> > 
> > One thing we didn't discuss at all and is probably something we don't
> > do for the time being is some sort of gain control. If we have a
> > crowded classroom, I assume it would be better to turn down the volume
> > on the radios so that everyone is not shouting, but just quietly
> > talking to their neighbors. Maybe we want to add an outer loop to the
> > whole thing where you start off whispering and gradually crank up the
> > volume until you have a connect?
> Startup time is an issue: if you whisper, you are less likely to get
> associated. Startup doesn't happen that often; rather, I suspect we
> might be better off by shouting, and then crank gain down in use.
The radios already do power control automatically in Infrastructure mode, 
we need to confirm that this works in mesh mode too.

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