System Software Telecon minutes 2007-05-01

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Tue May 1 22:11:59 EDT 2007

System Software Telecon minutes 2007-05-01

Present: Jim, Mitch(notes), Chris Ball, David, Bryan, Vance, Wad, 
Andres, J5, Javier, Jordan, Barry

New action items:

AI: jg to enter trac ticket to add hw cursor support
AI: jg to enter trac ticket about wireless activity LED
AI: jg to look at fuzzy rotated image
AI: jg to order 2x of the Lumistar 1G cards
AI: richard to investigate wireless LED after battery-low shutdown
AI: cjb to test that audio works on first power-up with fresh image.
AI: dilinger - fix "reboot" command
AI: Barry to supply startup sound to Mitch

Hit list for LX/B3 build

! Need OFW by May 6, OS image by May 9.

Software issues for B3.

* Cursor becomes limpid.
   Jordan: The software compositor is improved.
   Already in last Friday's build

   AI: jg to add trac to add hw cursor support
   Not B3 requirement

* Wireless activity LED does not work.
   Blinking is bad, so the LED should indicate connectivity
   in either access-point mode or mesh mode.

   AI: jg to enter trac ticket to make this change happen
   Not B3 requirement

* Rotated images looks fuzzy

   AI: Jim to look at it
   B3 requirement.  Jordan owns.

* White dotted line when switching between text mode and sugar

   Jordan has seen it - it comes and goes - but doesn't know
   exactly what is causing it.
   Not B3 requirement

* NAND size problem

   Understood, OFW and kernel fixed, awaiting ECO

* Can't resume to OFW


* L1 and L2 cache unknown in memtest


* Mic fail in Linux, passes in OFW

   We don't know yet.

* DCON driver in


* Lumistar SD card not detected

   Pierre needs a sample of the card
   AI: jg to order 2x of the Lumistar 1G cards
   Not B3 requirement

* Error ISR 8000

   Hard to duplicate.
   Not B3 requirement

* USB 1.1 port.

   Analyzed.  The connector is bad.  See trac #1374.

* Battery LED color

   Fixed in Q2C09

* Speaker noise in reboot

   We think it has been fixed

* Doesn't turn off wireless LED after auto-shutdown (when the battery is 

   We think the EC needs to turn off the WLAN when low battery is detected.
   AI: richard to follow up on this
   B3 requirement

* USB doesn't work in OFW after resume

   Not a requirement.

* Audio out

   AI: cjb to test that audio works on first power-up with fresh image.

* Sometimes system can't reboot after you input reboot command at shell 

   AI: dilinger - Make this work.  (Should use the soft reset MSR 
instead of KBC-off/KBC-on)


System build for B3 build

  Start with stable build and
    + update kernel, firmware, X driver, xorg.conf, audio driver

Firmware for the B3 build (OFW, Marvell, Boot2).

  + Use 3107 boot2 code unless Javier has something new
  + Use Q2C10 or later

What should be targets for next stable build?

  No information

School server status

  Most pressing problem is the "backup using a key" problem.
  No progress on school server due to other pressing issues.
  Need to get h0lger unstuck.

Power management measurement tinderbox

  Got machine set up today, and got a voltage reading from front panel.
  Telnet is the next step.

B3 Suspend/Resume

  Need a kernel with both power management and lx support.  Andres to 
make one.

  The B3 works as well as the B2 with OFW suspend/resume tests.

  * Getting the server ready for trial
        server - wad
                Backup needed for laptops to servers urgently
  * Power management

Old action items:

AI: Dan - make a wiki page describing manual/fallback wireless
configuration procedure.

   Still open?

AI: Wad - wiki-link the doc for the libertas driver ioctl


AI: wmb - study what is necessary to bring back touchpad after resume

   Done, the trick is to issue stream-on

Status reports:

Lilian has supplied some long-run tests for OFW.
Startup sound support ready for inclusion in OFW.

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