Enabling OProfile in the OLPC kernels?

Bernardo Innocenti bernie at develer.com
Mon Mar 19 09:28:51 EDT 2007

On Mon, March 19, 2007 01:01, Dan Williams wrote:

>> How do we get useful oprofile output with all binaries stripped and no
>> -debuginfo packages?
> Don't strip binaries, and provide debuginfo packages during development
> stages.  Otherwise you'll a) never get symbols, and b) never get source
> lines are variable names that really help while debugging.

Yeah, but the olpc rpms contain stripped binaries and
I've not found debuginfo packages anywhere.

RedHat also distributes the source rpms, but I've not
yet figured out how to rebuild them on a Fedora
development system and producing binaries that would
work on an OLPC system.

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