A special linux distribution for developing OLPC applications

Rob Savoye rob at welcomehome.org
Sun Jan 7 09:59:33 EST 2007

Manish Regmi wrote:

>> IIRC the new gcc 4.3 has geode specfic optimizations using -mtune=geode
>> and -march=geode Is the crosstool really necessary if the "normal" gcc creates geode tuned
>> x86 binaries just by using a switch?
> aah and yes we also need geode tuned glibc (and all other libraries need to
> create softwares for olpc).

  My patch works with binutils/GCC CVS, so the toolchain I built should
be roughly 4.3. I'll add the geode specific optimizations to the config
so they get added by default. As Manish noted, you do need a cross tool
chain to get the specific libraries as used by the OLPC, instead of the
versions on the host. This way you could cross develop for the OLPC from
a Mac, Debian, Ubunutu, regardless of the processor or OS on the build
host. You could even do (gasp...) win32->OLPC using Cygwin. I used to
create cross tool chains all the time when I worked at Cygnus, so this
is pretty easy.

	- rob -

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