Community Support website for users

Gerard J. Cerchio gjpc at
Thu Dec 27 10:37:46 EST 2007

Michael Burns wrote:
> We've had a few questions with the "don't know if this is the right 
> place to post this..." type questions posted to Sugar and Devel the 
> last couple weeks. It turns out, there *is* a right place for most of 
> those questions, and I wanted to tell all the OLPC hackers, volunteers 
> and enthusiasts out there about where that right place is: the 
> Community Support forum[0], and accompying IRC channel #olpc-help 
> (with web interface[1]) on freenode for anyone to ask tech questions 
> and get a friendly, informed answer in real-time. The site is aimed 
> primarily at G1G1 donors and hobbyists and we are well on our way to 
> building a self-supporting community of users positively contributing 
> back to the OLPC project.
> Already, hundreds of questions from users have been answered from 
> wireless connectivity to build upgrade questions to activity use and 
> bug reporting. If support questions come up for you or users you know, 
> feel free to use the forum forum, web chat or the email list as a 
> resource: community-support at 
> <mailto:community-support at>
> Other support information can be found at does not have a server listening as of Dec-27 07:37 PST

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