Activity depends on Fedora-packaged binary code

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Mon Dec 10 13:55:54 EST 2007

My activity reads RDF files and uses to do that. Fedora 
does package this in the raptor.i386 RPM.  This package is not installed 
on the Build 650 I'm using.  I also see no way to specify RPM dependencies 
in a .xo nor a way that deployed XOs could be guaranteed to be able to get 
dependencies from the RPM side of the world upon receiving a new .xo.

I suppose I'll have to include a in my own .xo's lib/ 
directory.  Is the normal(ish) way to do this by just unpacking the RPM 
and yoinking the Fedora-compiled .so and jamming that file into my .xo?

(I could just statically compile the libraptor dependencies into my 
shipped binary code also, I suppose, but I'd rather not consider that 

I'm open to other ways of thinking about this if they would prove more 
productive. (-:

-- Asheesh.

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