Status of Develop.activity?

Jameson "Chema" Quinn jquinn at
Wed Dec 5 19:37:35 EST 2007

Starting January 6, I plan to be working 20 hours a week on Develop.
Actually I was gonna do tinymail first as Sugar practice. I estimate that I
will have something useable (for Develop) within a month, though "usable" is
very very far from feature-complete. No source control, language features,
activity sharing, or even a real debugger in the initial version, just a
python editor and shell. Any one of the aforementioned extra features would,
of course, more than double the total work, but all are important in my POV.
As soon as I can, I plan to start working on language features (my pet
project, search the wiki for "bityi" to see some of my ideas). I would be
happy to coordinate with MCFletch to split up the job, but it looks as if
they have plenty else on their plate too...

 I plan to apply for a developer machine, too, as soon as the Christmas rush
is over. Hopefully enough hours of developer work earns you one, even if
you're not working on hardware and drivers. (And don't y'all want somebody
demoing in Guatemala?)


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> wrote:
> > Am I missing where the status of Develop activity is documented?
> >
> > Is it (1) in work, (2) frozen, (3) abandoned/orphaned, (4) unknown/no
> > consensus?
> >
> > Andrew Clunis had it for a while but last change was months ago.
> >
> > TIA
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