sugar-update: your friendly neighborhood auto-installation script

Eben Eliason eben.eliason at
Tue Aug 28 23:48:11 EDT 2007

I got really tired of the monotony that I go through daily to put a
new build on my USB drive.  The attached script is my moderately
robust solution to the problem, and I thought that others might care
to take it for a spin as well.  Here's the usage (you can also view
usage with -h or --help):


   sugar-update.oy [-lLsv] [-b build] [directory]


   This script will download an autoinstallation image (.img and .crc) to
   the specified [directory]. Any images already present within this
   directory will be deleted before the download begins. If no directory is
   specified, the current working directory will be used.


   -b   Specify a build number; defaults to latest development build
   -l   Print the associated change log
   -L   Print the change log without performing a download
   -s   Download the latest stable build; overrides the -b option
   -v   Verbose

Common Example: -vl /Volumes/MyFlashDrive/boot/

Feel free to add functionality and/or robustness.  I may add support
for downloading a firmware update in the future, but it wasn't on my
requirements list for today.  I hope others find it useful, even if it
is soon outdated by some fancy built-in auto-update jazz.

- Eben
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