Teleconference information for software status meeting (today, 21:00 EDT Boston)

Jim Gettys jg at
Tue Aug 28 16:24:30 EDT 2007

Please go through trac, comment and close bugs that are done.  Please
examine at least the blocker and high priority bugs, for both Trial-2
and Trial-3.

You can easily use the query page in trac to see what open issues you
have. has a number of common useful queries.

  From  the United States: 866-213-2185 
  From Outside the United States:  1-609-454-9914

access code: 8069698 

problems? Call customer care 
800-526-2655 or 205-206-2301

Wireless bugs
activation & registration.
Blockers for Trial-2
Power management
Blockers for Trial-3
School server status

Please send any agenda items.

#1500 -- Need public key for mfg-data.
* AI: Jim to talk to Noah/Ivan to understand why we still don't
      have the public keys generated and signing working yet.

Still no real keys.

We have a key format - Noah has code that "documents" the format.
The problem is getting the hash functions installed in the HSM machine.
Noah to supply to wmb the key format, a key, a signature file, and
a signed object.

wmb hobbling along with personally generated key.

#1547 -- Decide frame buffer depth.
* AI: cjb/bernie to performance-test color depth change.

#1396 -- We're waiting on the problem with keyboard repeat events.
* AI: Richard to get us a release firmware with this patched.
The "goto hack" made it in the v24 EC firmware.  We think this
fixes the repeat problem.

#1547 -- Decide frame buffer depth.
* AI: cjb/bernie to performance-test color depth change.

80 fps in 24 bit color, 50 fps in 16-bit color

Need a bit more data

#2184 -- OHM idleness detection isn't working
* AI: jg and cjb to meet and decide what OHM should do for Trial-3,
      mail the result to Richard Hughes and devel at .
+ Spec mailed out, but no final resolution yet.  We need to get
the results into the wiki (AI in progress; not finished).

#2237 -- Need to find the best DCON write combination for power-savings
* AI: Joel to do so and pass on to Andres to implement.
Andres still chasing audio problem.

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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