Auto-building emulator downloads

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti at
Sun Aug 26 18:59:10 EDT 2007

On 8/26/07, Mike C. Fletcher <mcfletch at> wrote:
> To start addressing that, I've hacked together a quick script that
> downloads the official images and uses qemu and VirtualBox to generate
> VirtualBox and VMWare images.  It also has commented-out code that
> attempts to merge in an "overlay" directory before doing the conversion,
> but so far I haven't got that to actually work (mostly because merging
> the config file I want to merge (the server setting
> in .sugar/default/config) seems to kill some logic so that resulting
> images won't display the initial login prompt).

I *think* the plan there is to get the default server from a system file. Dan?


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