random questions

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Sat Aug 18 09:26:04 EDT 2007

I have two things I am thinking for a time now:

(paranoid mode on)
As I know there are LEDs indicating the camera/microphone activity.
Have you thought about that if a rogue program uses the camera for 1/10 
second in every second then the LED will blink fast enough that the user 
will see it as it glows faint? So the user effectively will not see it. 
As I know it is driven by the hardware but is there a circuit which 
keeps the LED on for enough time (1 sec maybe) that it cannot blink too 
fast? The same applies to the mic LED but probably sampling 1/10 of the 
sound is worthless.
(paranoid mode off)

I have seen the video where two 10 years olds are replacing the 
motherboard. I have noticed that they are using several screwdrivers for 
the work. Is it because the XO contains several different screws? 
Probably I am a little bit exaggerating the Nigerian reality but can it 
be that they will not have all the tools for the work? Would it be too 
much of a change to standardize parts that only one screwdriver will be 
enough? Or am I just ignorant?

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