An alternate means of building kernels.

Zephaniah E. Hull warp at
Thu Aug 9 04:35:33 EDT 2007

And for those of you who grabbed it between when I posted that message,
and now, please regrab it.

I was basing off an older version of Andres' specfile, so I updated to
fix minor problems like being unable to boot due to a symlink pointing
off into never never land, issues installing due to trying to setup an
initrd, and while I was at it I updated the script so that if you give
a second argument it's used for the 'dist' version number, defaults to
1 if nothing is given.

Enjoy, and please let me know about any issues, or just about odd

Zephaniah E. Hull.

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 01:55:04AM -0400, Zephaniah E. Hull wrote:
> After getting frustrated by the lack of ways to rapidly test kernel
> patches, I cooked up the following.
> 1. Find yourself a nice kernel source tree, say,
> 'git clone git://', then configure it,
> 'make ARCH=i386 olpc_defconfig' should do that trick, remember what
> directory you left the source in.
> 1. Run: cd
> 2. Run: wget
> 3. Run: tar -zxvf build-olpc-custom.tar.gz
> 4. Run: ~/ <path to the kernel source tree>
> 5. Watch it compile, barring errors you should eventually get a rpm or
> two off in ~/olpc-custom-rpms/RPMS/i586/.
> Note, this does not make a useful SRPM, nor does it build the debugging
> packages.
> It also isn't a perfect replacement for
> 'make-kpkg kernel_image' from the Debian world.
> On the other hand, it works in place on the source tree you specified,
> doesn't do anything to the config except for a 'make oldconfig', and
> doesn't do any sort of a 'make clean' or 'make distclean' on the tree.
> Which means that you can test slight modifications without major issues,
> though don't expect the versions to be in sync with the official OLPC rpm
> versions.
> If this is popular and any major issues get ironed out, this should all
> go into a wiki and the code into git, or something along those lines.
> Let me know if there are any issues,
> Zephaniah E. Hull.

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