An alternate means of building kernels.

Zephaniah E. Hull warp at
Thu Aug 9 01:55:04 EDT 2007

After getting frustrated by the lack of ways to rapidly test kernel
patches, I cooked up the following.

1. Find yourself a nice kernel source tree, say,
'git clone git://', then configure it,
'make ARCH=i386 olpc_defconfig' should do that trick, remember what
directory you left the source in.
1. Run: cd
2. Run: wget
3. Run: tar -zxvf build-olpc-custom.tar.gz
4. Run: ~/ <path to the kernel source tree>
5. Watch it compile, barring errors you should eventually get a rpm or
two off in ~/olpc-custom-rpms/RPMS/i586/.

Note, this does not make a useful SRPM, nor does it build the debugging

It also isn't a perfect replacement for
'make-kpkg kernel_image' from the Debian world.

On the other hand, it works in place on the source tree you specified,
doesn't do anything to the config except for a 'make oldconfig', and
doesn't do any sort of a 'make clean' or 'make distclean' on the tree.

Which means that you can test slight modifications without major issues,
though don't expect the versions to be in sync with the official OLPC rpm

If this is popular and any major issues get ironed out, this should all
go into a wiki and the code into git, or something along those lines.

Let me know if there are any issues,

Zephaniah E. Hull.

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