e-Book reader

Yoric Yoric at users.sf.net
Fri Aug 3 11:33:21 EDT 2007

Mmmhhh.... looks like impedance mismatch in the definition of what an
e-Book is.

Ok, let's define what I have in mind: an e-Book is a one-file package
that may be downloaded, archived, copied, etc. That package may contain
references to internal resources (i.e. files that are part of the
package) and external resources (i.e. files that may be anywhere on the
web, including inside another book). A package with only internal
resources will behave somewhat like a PDF (i.e. plenty of chapters and
images inside one self-contained file), while a package with only
external resources may be seen as only a table of contents (or a

With this in mind, I intend to be able to reference
* the package itself (to be able to download it, from Firefox or from
anywhere else)
* resources internal to the package (to be able to display them, to
bookmarks them, to link to them)
* resources external to the package (for the same reasons).

Furthermore, I would like to be able to share my bookmarks with other
readers. So, when I bookmark chapter 7 of __Alice in Wonderland__, if I
send this bookmark to some friend, that bookmark should keep working if
the friend has __Alice in Wonderland__ on the computer. I don't want
that bookmark to depend on the name of the directory in which the book
has been moved to. Even better, it should have a meaning even if my
friend doesn't have __Alice in Wonderland__ yet.

Do we agree up to this point ?


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