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Thu Apr 26 01:58:31 EDT 2007

Hi, I am part of a trial in the Pacific islands region. We have a few B2s,
running build 385/q2b87. Two issues we have are:
1. Installing new boot image. 
Trying to test the auto reinstallation image process. I have a number of USB
disks and flash drives. I followed the instructions and had the boot image
extracted from the zip onto the device in a primary partition. However, it
won't boot from the USB device but reports "Can't open the disk label
package" and goes on to boot from the internal image. I tried to interupt
the countdown, probed for USB2 devices and it finds the disk/flash drive and
it shows as an scsi device. 
2. Mesh Network. 
We couldn't get a group of 3 B2s to see each other. We are based in
different countries so only had a chance during a 2-hour meeting. They can
see hotspots and connect happily with them. I can see a wireless newtork
"olpc-mesh" detected on my Windows laptop. But with the three laptops in
different corners of the same hotel room, nothing appeared on the network
neighbourhood screen apart from the mesh network icon, flashing variously.
As an obvious OLPC novice I would appreciate any guidance.
David Leeming 
Project Manager, Distance Learning Centres Project (DLCP) 
Technical Advisor, People First Network (PFnet)
P.O. Box 652, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Tel: +677 26358(w) 76396(m) 24419(h) 
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