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Richard A. Smith richard at
Thu Apr 26 05:06:04 EDT 2007

David Leeming PFnet wrote:

> I am part of a trial in the Pacific islands region. We have a few B2s, 
> running build 385/q2b87. Two issues we have are:
> 1. Installing new boot image.
> Trying to test the auto reinstallation image process. I have a number of 
> USB disks and flash drives.

The current autoinstaller is 385/b87 so its not going to do much on a 
system thats allready at 385/b87.  Are you manually editing the olpc.fth 
file to try and load a later image?

you can load images manually with:

copy-nand disk:/<path/to/imagefile>

So if you have a file nand387.img located in the top level dir / it 
would be:

copy-nand disk:/nand387.img

> 2. Mesh Network.
> We couldn't get a group of 3 B2s to see each other. We are based in 
> different countries so only had a chance during a 2-hour meeting. They 

The current setup require a mesh portal to work. You need an additional 
  box running the mesh portal stuff.  This is a temp solution until we 
work out a few of the thorny issues with mesh bringup.

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